Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Plan for Genkai 3

I've been poking around Allakhazam and reviewing the Limit Break 3 quest details, and it's becoming clear that if I want to actually solo this, I'm going to need some safeguards.

First of all I need to bring my THF and NIN subs up to 36 or more. Why? Warp Cudgel. Depending on cost, I might buy multiples, which would allow me to warp more than once per day. I don't plan to use my WAR to get through any of these sections, since it can't take on whatever might agro me and there's no sense in wasting that much EXP.

Before each of the three sections, I'll make sure I have the following CP item: Scroll of Instant Reraise. Upon entering the zone, I'll use it (probability of death is quite high, and I'd rather not have to backtrack if I die in an area where I can actually regain my footing & move on), and equip the Warp Cudgel. I'll macro the warp, to avoid menu-fumbling when an enemy decides to kill me.

For the Davoi and Beaudeaux sections, I'll use my Ninja, since Shinobi-Tabi are cheaper per invis than Prism Powders (30k for 99 Tabi vs same price for 12 powders) and NIN also gives me an EXP safeguard: Mijun Gakure. So if things really go sour, I can 2-hour, wait for the mob to wander off (hopefully) and Reraise to give it another go. If I don't get killed while weakened, I'll still have the Warp Cudgel if things go badly again. Of course this all goes to hell if my Ninja gets killed before I can use anything but, as the Ninjas would say, "c'est la vie" (if they were like... Jean Claude Van Damme style french Ninja's... work with me here). In any case, I'll have the Warp Cudgel to get outta dodge once I've aquired the crest.

I'm worried about Castle Oztroja, for which I'll be using my Thief. The walkthrough is very long and involved, and one part requires me to drop invisibility, light a torch, invis back up, and use Flee to run to the opened door before it closes. This is bad because A) I suck at navigating maps and B) I can't step on the leeches as I run. Considering how much stuff I trip over in RL, I predict death for Frohike in this section, but I'll try anyway, and see if I can use Reraise to my advantage. Of course I'll sub Ninja in this section to give me more Tonko:Ichi goodness, and will also use the Warp Cudgel if necessary.

So, how does that sound. Worried for me yet?


tsakiki said...

I do indeed worry about you. :-)

In Castle Oztroja, the leeches aren't on the same level as the torches and brass door, so you don't have to worry about tripping over them as you're fleeing from the torch to the door. If you're lucky, someone will be farming up there and you'll have a torch without a group of Yagudos, since you won't have Hide at your level. It will be a difficult trip through the Castle at that level though, since you'll need silent oils as well as Tonko from a pretty early portion (the bats will aggro you).

Beadeaux is perhaps the easiest, but also the hardest to avoid true "sight" mobs, since they can be in a tiny room before you get to your goal.

Monastic Cavern's a bit tricky, since you have to drop invisible to open a door right where a couple Orcs are standing, but the zone's right behind the door, so it isn't too bad. Just needing invisible is handy as well, so your NIN would be well-suited for a solo effort.

I did G3 with a trio (RDM58/BLM29 (chainspell-escape was needed), THF59/WHM29-NIN29, and BRD58/WHM29), and it was really pretty easy for us. Soloing it with the jobs you have available will indeed be more of a challenge! Here's my blog entry for when we did it, if you're interested: Whence Blows the Wind

Paul said...

Hmmm, thanks for the info.

Looks like I might be able to make it with my NIN in Davoi and Beadeaux, but dealing with low level agro (including bats) in Castle Oztroja is making me think I should bite the bullet and use WAR/THF there, using powders to keep invis up (even though I hate that stuff). Wish I had something faster than a Warp Cudgel though... that Chainspell+Escape sounds mighty nice.

A high-level friend told me to give him a heads up when I plan on going for LB3, so I may not end up doing this solo (he may drag his 75 WHM housemate into it too). But he's the type of in-game 'friend' you can't always rely on 100% to follow through on his proposals, so we'll see.