Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ding {Alchemy} 60. Now If only...

I had leveled Alchemy earlier!

As I wrote yesterday's post, I was only focused on skilling up and getting rid of my ridiculous stockpile of Hi-Potions as quickly as possible. I had no idea what maelstrom of gil would hit me today. After giving up on Bazaaring the Hi-Potions, I threw more of them into the AH at 5000, and decided to keep crafting to hit 60, resigned to not seeing much influx of gil to make up for my expenses until the next day.

Well, I don't know what happens on Saturday evenings in this game, but whatever it is, people drink Hi-Potions like water. Within seconds of putting 7 potions up, the listings came back yellow... sold for 7000 O_O. So I put more in, checked again, all yellow. History again indicates 7000, with a whacko paying 7500 a couple of times. Lather rinse repeat, until I'm completely out of the 40+ potions I had accumulated. So I start crafting batches 7 at a time and refilling the AH. Prices flew all over the place, from 7500 to 6000, and leveling off there (I probably angered whoever had set the initial 7000 price, but there were 70 stacks out there... time to lower the price).

When I started this process I had under 800,000 gil. A couple of hours later, I checked my sum: 1,250,000 gil. I'm stupified. In comparison, before crafting, I could only achieve such a spike in gil by farming Tree Cuttings. And getting a stack or two of those took much longer than a couple of hours.

In the madness, I hit 60. Mission accomplished. Now it's time to come up with a crafting plan.

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Kirsteena said...

Weekends - on my server, a lot of people do things like CoP missions on weekends - often statics (like the one I am in) will only meet on weekends. To give you an idea, I know that for the airship battle (PM 6-4) I spent somewhere in the region of 700k on one battle - that gives you an idea of why they sell so fast. Also its always handy to have them for BCNM, big fights etc....