Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cornette Contraband

Two old friends have returned to the game after a prolonged absence (around 3 months). Unfortunately, one of them works a swing shift on the East Coast so he's never on when I'm on. I did get to catch him during Hunter's afternoon nap, while I hopped on to do some crafting. His wife was on tonight, and I got to catch up with her too. Their baby is due in 2-3 weeks, so it was fun to chat about kids, etc. I got little accomplished tonight because of our marathon chat session, but I did manage to skill Alchemy some more while conversing with her.

--Begin RMT rant (skip if uninterested in another one of these)--
I was letting her know about all the ways to make gil on this server because her husband, lacking better judgement or patience or both, decided to buy 10 million gil from IGE. He does this every time he comes back to the game and freaks out about the inflation (this happened once already when he had to leave the game for awhile last year), and I always wish I could catch him before he does this because I don't believe he would go through with it if he realized how much RL money he is in fact wasting, and how he is ironically screwing over the economy. I mean, he spent $100 for a sum of gil that, in this economy, is sorta...meh. He'd be much better off in the long run making the gil legitimately, rather than flushing his cash down the toilet and supporting the RMT culture. And he has no excuse really. He's on constantly when he's not working, so it's not like he doesn't have the time to farm / craft / BCNM / HELM. He's just impatient, and ill-informed. He doesn't own a computer, which he could use as a resource for this game (among other things) if he would stop spending RL money unwisely. So frustrating...

Speaking of which, what the hell is happening on this server? I rarely see the usual sellers in their camps, they're sending /tells directly to players asking them if they want to purchase, and my gil-buyer friend above incidentally broke the IGE bank with his purchase; they had to actually scramble for 12 hours to come up with the 10 million gil, and disabled gil purchases from Ifrit on the site. Very odd, and kinda cool... maybe gilseller culture is backfiring now? Wishful thinking, I suppose.
--End RMT Rant--

In any case, she logged out after a bit to get her pregnant momma sleep. And I resumed my crafting... despising the Olive Oil + Beeswax recipe for Silent Oil, despite the skillup it provided. Such a waste. Then I got a request from a social LS member to buy Cornettes while I was in Bastok and send them to him in Windy. He was trying to achieve some sort of fame level for that town. So I obliged and purchased 20 cornettes from the bard shop. This took quite awhile since I didn't have 20 slots readily available, so much 'muling' was required... but we got it done. After that I reached level 30 in Alchemy and called it a night. Hope to hit mid-30's soon.

Soundtrack : The Essential Jimi Hendrix

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