Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Level Sync = Parties for BLM

After another hiatus, I logged in once more to find a large patch awaiting download, coincidentally the day after it had gone live.

All I've got to say is... where was Level Sync two years ago? Better late than never, I suppose. The effects of the new system were immediately obvious when I received a party invite to the jungle within minutes of seeking on my BLM. Unfortunately for me, an incompatible DAT modification caused my game to crash the minute I targeted a Level Synced player, so a lengthy file check and re-download killed my partying for that evening.

The next night was spent with Cozmos, Katella and the gang, skilling up sword (to 246) on crabs in the tree.

The subsequent two nights have been spent manaburning with a random pickup and partying with friends.

A couple of hiccups I can forsee with Level Sync partying:

Mage macros will be annoying to adjust in the lower stages. And it'll be easy to forget those adjustments, causing you to throw a lolStone2 at a mob in a level 60 party. Automatic "downgrading" of tiered spells would be nice, but probably isn't going to happen.

Skills (weapon and magic) are going to take a nosedive if people Level Sync too much, as far as I can tell. For instance I'm unable to cap much of anything at level 38 in these jungle parties.

But the fun factor has certainly received a much needed boost.