Friday, August 08, 2008

Zitah... Not this place again

I've logged a couple of sessions and milked the Attowah Chasm camp for all it was worth. What an awesome, godforsaken, deserted & spacious, easy solo EXP camp.

I'll miss it dearly.

In the single session I spent in Zitah, I've had my BLM solo fun and leveled the job to 35. However, the pulls are much slower due to the bats and the Goblin Trader's tendency to either cluster around another Trader, or turn at really inopportune times. Many an ES+Sleepga+logout, and chains are more a matter of luck than rhythm.

I enjoyed the happenstance company of another suffering BLM solo'er and had to watch him die a couple of times from unavoidable bad pulls or "sliveritis" moments. I think BST are familiar with sliveritis, and believe me, it's supremely painful on a mage/NIN job.

I haven't been able to clock very many hours due to various RL job duties, but I'm feeling the itch to return to BLM and level it further. Something about the risky solo factor just keeps drawing me back.