Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm still around...

Just not in Vanadiel.

But I'll be back when the holidays blow over...

Just thought I'd take the chance to wish all of you happy holidays.

To the friends whom I've left temporarily while my life stabilizes, know that I miss you. To the friends who've left the game but drop by here periodically, know that I appreciate the chances I get to talk to you and share a bit of my life and yours. To those who've vanished into the woodwork, know that I think about you even years after you typed that last /logout.

I'd say it seems silly to say so, but that would amount to false snobbery, so I'll just say it outright: my life really has been altered in subtle ways, and for the better, by the folks I've met in this strange melding of casual passtime, monumental collaborative achievement, mild to depraved geekery, and virtual treadmilling.

To supplement your merriment this holiday, I give you a LARP/RPG/MMO defiled staging of the nativity scene. Merry Xmas!