Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm still here

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days. I've been busy with RL work and ... life.

The short sessions I've been able to grab consisted mostly of crafting and chatting with the social LS.

I've noticed I'm getting close to a 3 million gil sum and I'm wondering what to do it, rather than let it lose value in my MH. I still need to level up my Ninja subjob from 32 to 40, and my Thief from 26 to 37, so I'm guessing my purchase will be an Emperor Hairpin (3 million on Ifrit). I really would like to deck my Warrior out with some Victory Rings, but I think they'll have to wait.

I would camp the Valkurm Emperor if I had the time, but I really don't, so purchasing with proceeds from crafting (something mostly under my control and that I can pick up and do whenever I want) fits my playstyle more realistically.

I was initially going to skip the Emperor Hairpin, but I don't think I'll be well-served by playing either subjob at less than their potential. I wouldn't really be enjoying the jobs if I knew I were intentionally 'skimping' on them on my way to 37 or 40. And why play a job if you don't respect and enjoy it, really? I mean isn't that the point of this game? To have some fun?

I've had a blast crafting, and now I'll spend the gil (which I actually had fun making) to enjoy a couple of other jobs. Vanadiel life is good, at the moment.

Of course when I have to explain Sneak Attack / Trick Attack for the bajillionth time to a party in the jungles, I might be singing a different tune. ^^;

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