Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My kingdom for some Treant Bulbs!

I hit 35.3 in Alchemy last night and gladly broke my last Potion synth, never to return to that damned recipe again (to add insult to injury, Potions don't stack, so I had to keep muling everything to make room... Sandy and Windy beginners got some blowout Frohike potions from the Auction House last night). I've moved on to the Vitriol recipe full-time, which should carry me to 42 if I remember correctly. Great recipe, incredibly cheap, and I break even (via NPC, so no waiting around for AH returns). I even cheated a bit and used the recipe early, since the Potion recipe was annoying me. Everything was going just swell, until I completely depleted the entire AH supply of Treant Bulbs in all of Vanadiel. >.> No one bothers to farm these things, since they only go for 2-3k per stack.

So I farmed Saplings in South Gustaberg... wanted to die... and decided to go farm them in Battalia Downs, where I could at least pick up some black tiger fangs and not completely perish of boredom. I came close, but had to log out when Hunter woke up from his nap. Thank god. I'll check all the Auction Houses when I log in this evening, I guess. There's no playlist on this planet that will keep me awake if I have to farm my entire Treant Bulb supply.

Soundtrack: Ricky Gervais Show (new episode, woot!), Queens of the Stone Age (Lullabies to Paralyze)

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