Thursday, February 02, 2006

All pukey on the western front.

My son had another puke-fest tonight, a full 2 days after we thought he had recovered from the last barf-o-rama. So I didn't get on until later, like around 10PM.

Shouted to form a skillup party for about 30 minutes and got one /tell asking if we were going to take the tigers there (called Ovinnik's). Um yeah... something that can kill a level 75 character. While we're at it we'll skill up on Elementals too!

Anyway that person wasn't interested, and I wasn't interested in dying, so that was the end of that. One can easily skillup to 210 on crabs and lizards in Kuftal; anything higher and you should be going against Terrigan or Boyhada Tree crabs, not friggin level 77-79 Tigers. So good luck to you 'Ellie', ya moron.

Besides that, no takers. I'm exhausted and reek of vomit, so I logged out a few minutes ago. I'll try again tomorrow night. If things don't go well, I'll try to rally some LS members to help me and another LS Warrior with either the Fighter's Cuisses coffer or the Fighter's Lorica quest.

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