Thursday, February 02, 2006


I finally found the right setup for skilling up now. In light of last night's party, I decided to keep it small. I was indeed pleased with last night's results, but the size made the experience much too volatile. I snagged a WHM around 10PM, and a SAM around the same time. We headed out in our little party of three to Kuftal and skilled up quite well, with no mishaps and next to no down time. Once we made it out there the party grew and mutated a bit. The SAM left for an HNMLS call, the WHM found a NIN friend who wanted to skillup, and the NIN brought along a weird little Taru friend whom he kept calling the king of AFK. He died a couple of times, out of the blue. The WHM had Raise 3, so no major problems there. People in the party were jokingly begging the strange Taru for money, so I think he has a reputation of wealth (from a casino? not sure). At one point I remember him randomly exclaiming, 'I wish this game would let you jump up and stab people in the neck...' o_O Anyway, he was the most memorable part of the experience.. the rest of it was pretty ho-hum.

In sum: No death, no politics, 6 more levels on Great Axe. It's now at level 194. 6 levels away from Raging Rush!

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