Friday, February 10, 2006

Another skill cap bites the dust

I was too friggin tired to do ZM4 again, so I convalesced and crafted some more, essentially giving up on Sky access for the time being.

Passed my Alchemy 40 test, so I'm now an Apprentice. Had to shop around to get individual Bomb Ash and Sulfur for a cheap synth (there were no single Firesands anywhere). [Retrospective note: these can be purchased from NPCs. Sulfur from the Alchemy Guild, Bomb Ash from Olaf in Bastok Metalworks (much cheaper than Guild)]

While muling around, I noticed I had an extra Viking Axe I'd forgotten about and checked the Jeuno AH. There were none for sale... and the last pricepoint was 400k O_O. I dropped it to 300k, and someone bought it and relisted it at 400k within seconds. This is why killing RMT will not kill inflation folks. Greed is alive & well in Vanadiel, whether or not it's linked to RL cash.

Anyway, I carried the Vitriol to its 42 cap and called it a night. I think my next recipe is Holy Water, which I find amusing: 1 Light Crystal + 1 Distilled Water. That's it. Nice, eh? I'll keep a few for my LB3 run in Davoi, since I'll need the Cursna when I get the Crimson Orb.

Soundtrack: Dead Can Dance (A Passage In Time), Various Artists (A Tribute to the Music and Works of Brian Eno), Secret Chiefs 3 (Book of Horizons) ... yeah I like that last one, I'm a wierdo >.>

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