Thursday, February 23, 2006

February updates to crafts

After reading Aerroenu's blog, I checked into the new Alchemy recipes and noticed the new GP skills for all the crafts. The ones for Alchemy are:

Trituration - 10,000
Allows you to place ingredients in a triturator, making it easier to process more medicines with on crystal.
Concoction - 20,000
Allows you to concentrate ingredients to create medicines in the form of a solid drop. These drops have the same effect as their liquid equivalents.

I'm mainly interested in the Concoction, since this would allow me to produce stackable versions of Hi-Potions. I don't see the big gains with Trituration, since the new recipes that use it seem to basically double all the key recipe ingredients (other than Distilled Water), so all the savings amount to are the time-savings, and the cost of the crystals (also time-savings if those were farmed).

I think this means my next priority in the crafting arena should be to earn Guild Points and get Concoction. I'll still craft for gil, but only to keep up with expenses for now.

No luck with either a Skillup or AF party last night. I logged in too late in the evening, and after some non-response time, decided to generate a new mule and take him on a hike from Sandy to Jeuno. I'm amused at how easy it was to make most of the hike without using any stealth items, considering how terrified I was as a newbie running through La Theine a few years ago (not knowing anything about sight vs sound agro, nor the sight range of most orcs).

Tonight probably won't be supremely productive either, since my Tai Chi class ends at 9PM PST. But who knows, maybe I'll get lucky...


Silvadel said...

I remember one of the first times I was in La Theine, running over one of the smaller hills, reaching the top, and coming face to face with a ram.

Ah, those were the days :)

Paul said...

I remember checking a Ram when I was in ... the 30's? Fuzzy on the details, but it read Even Match so I engaged it and prepped my 2-hour. It must have been early enough in the level tiers where I thought EM was actually manageable.

After we both established that, no, I would not be killing him and, yes, I would in fact be the victim if I didn't haul ass to the zone, we parted ways.