Monday, February 06, 2006

Alchemy Schmalchemy

I was getting a bit worried when I hit 30 in Alchemy and switched to the recipe for Potion: water + distilled water + lizard tail + sage. Almost every synth was breaking. I had farmed about four stacks of lizard tails several eons ago and pulled them out for this skillup session. When I eventually checked the Auction House after running out of them, my worries were gone. There was a reason I never sold the tails...they're obscenely cheap.

Now that I've hit 33.4, I'm headed to craft Vitriol, which has an equally cheap recipe. 2 Treant bulbs and a Water Crystal. I purchased cheap stacks via mules in Sandy and Windy, assuming Bastok wouldn't be a good place to buy them. Since I was out of water crystals, I ventured back out to Pashow Marshlands, and killed Goobues for the bulbs (and one lucky cutting ^_^) and the Water Elementals that spawn there in the perpetual downpour.

Sitting on the Airship back to Bastok as I type this. I hope to hit 35 or more tonight, but I'm fighting sleep.

Soundtrack: Manitoba (Up in Flames), Spiritualized (Complete Works, Vol. 1)

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