Friday, February 17, 2006

A little verklempt

After getting about 4 stacks of flint together, I'd decided I had enough of stinky Dangruf Wadi and headed back to Bastok to synth. Bought the Bastok AH supply and the San D'Oria supply as well, which amounted to... 12 stacks >_>

So I made as much Glass Fiber as I could and called it a night. Close to 57 now, and not returning to this recipe unless I need the fiber for cheap (I'll use what I have now to craft some rods). I'll switch to Hi Potion tonight and hopefully hit 60 so I can HQ a few batches of gil-earning goodies and move on to getting ready for my solo LB3 excursion.

First stop on Saturday will be Davoi... alone. /sigh

It struck me last night that I'm growing increasingly lonely in this game. The LS I've joined is comprised of people who were already close before the LS formed, wheras I'm the odd guy that 'pops in for a few hours' every night... having no time for the time-sprawling NM hunts, etc. People I thought were old friends only send me /tells occasionally to brag about getting a crown or killing a god or something, but never to really chat and find out what I've been doing. It's always all about them. One nearly made my blacklist for sending a single chilling /tell unfollowed by anything for a good 5 minutes: 'Still 60? Blah.' That certainly made me feel all warm & fuzzy, &@$%^!

Anyway, enough kvetching (what's with the pseudo-yiddish today?). It doesn't befit a Warrior. It's just hard to keep going when the social vaccuum closes in on me sometimes...

Soundtrack: Oval (Ovalprocess), Various ( Rez: A Gamer's Guide To)

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