Saturday, February 04, 2006

No invisibility for me

I went farming for Slime Oil tonight in Korrolaka Tunnel. It's a new relaxing activity for me... very easy to get a few stacks for immediate resale or to craft a few stacks of Silent Oil for profit (if I have the Beeswax synthesized as well). And the competition is much less fierce than say... Sanctuary of Z'itah. After farming a few stacks I started reading up on my LB3 quest, since there was some LS chatter about it (a couple of guys were duoing the Oztroja section). I got all pumped up to do the Davoi section this very night, just to do something different. So I killed my last Jelly, zoned to Bastok, and bloodported on over the Jeuno. That's when I noticed my Shinobi Tabi stash was very low. Since solo'ing the Davoi section requires invisibility almost the entire time, I would need more. Checked the Auction House, and none were available... zilch.

So it looks like I need to suck it up and kick my Clothcraft up a notch. And while I'm at it, I need to break 30 on Alchemy.

Since the wind kinda left my sails, I've decided to call it a night and see what I can get done tomorrow evening.

Soundtrack: Beastie Boys (Paul's Boutique), Ricky Gervais Show (Podcast)

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