Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I didn't get to log in until late last night, around 10:30 PST, since my wife and her friends had what they call a "stitch & bitch" session (hey I'm not kidding, other people do it), where they gather and knit and talk, while the husbands watch the kids. We rotate which homes get to host the S&B, and we were the hosts last night.

When I had logged in with Hunter earlier yesterday I'd caught my friend Ovidius, so I chatted with him a bit while Hunter helped me spot Jellies in Korrolaka Tunnel (of course since he's 2 and a half, he also wants me to basically whack any mob in the vicinity that gets his attention, but he knows the Jellies drop good stuff). Ovidius wanted to level up Alchemy, so I told him I'd send him the 0-60 walkthrough that evening (he has no computer and no guide >.<). So I spent about 30 minutes typing up the guide last night & sending it to him. It was a hybrid of two good guides on allakhazam ('Cheap Alchemy 0-60' guide and another one called 'Alchemy 0-60 the sorta easy way') with my own comments & advice interspersed in various places.

If he undercuts me, he's a dead man.

I spent the rest of last night's session killing more Jellies and traipsing back to Bastok Mines to set up my mules with Carbon Fiber and Firesand, and craft up some Silent Oil. But it was later than I thought, so I ended up just running to the Alchemy Guild to buy some Sulfur and call it a night. I got lucky and found the Guild unattended at 8am, with Malboro Vines at the dirt cheap price of 1600 gil, so I bought as many as I could (about 20-25 of them) & logged out shortly thereafter. I'll use them on Friday to prep a batch of Hi-Potions for Saturday.

I can tell Silent Oil will be fairly lucrative, since HQing 8 or 10 of them creates stacks pretty quickly with very few materials. But I've got to resist the lure of watching my gil pool grow; there are lots other things I need to attend to.

I think I might try forming one last skillup party tonight to cap out my Great Axe. If I can't gather anyone, I'll try forming a group for a Castle Zvahl run (for my AF legs).

Soundtrack: Opeth (Blackwater Park), Radiohead (Hail to the Thief), They Might Be Giants (A User's Guide to)

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