Sunday, February 12, 2006

Irony: Fighting Sleep to Craft Sleeping Potion

I won't bore you with the details of my climb to 51 Alchemy, save to say that I didn't go straight to Holy Water, but crafted Carbon Fiber for a bit instead, both as a 'bridge' to the Holy Water recipe (I was still 8 below that recipe's cap when I had maxed out Vitriol) and to build up a good stash of fiber for the Carbon Rods I plan on making later... at a mere 2000 gil per synth (on the 4 bomb ash from an NPC in Metalworks), I figured it was a wise investment. 2000 gil / Yield (3) = 666 gil per carbon fiber. Even if I sold the raw fiber, the total cost per stack would be 7992 and these sell for an average of 25,000 per stack in Jeuno. 17K profit in an AH slot is not too shabby.

Had to do a bit of shopping again when I hit the Journeyman test, since the Fire Swords on the market were overpriced compared to the ingredients for them. Once that was done, I took Holy Water to 51 and consulted a couple of Alchemy guides.

One told me to move on the Cermet Chunks (Fire + Magic Shard x 4), which is fairly pricey and difficult to farm for (Magic Pot spawns are too far apart in Delkfutt, and the drop is uncommon). The other proposed a cheaper recipe, that at first seemed fairly easy. Sleeping Potion: Water Crystal + Poison Flour + Chamomile + Sleepshroom. Two problems though... Poison Flour doesn't stack. Considering how many synths it takes to level after 50, I was going to need tons of room.

So I bit the bullet and completed the next Gobbie Bag quest to boost my available inventory slots to 50, NPC'd my RSE set, shoved a bunch of inventory off to the mules, made room on other mules for Poison Flour overflow and Sleeping Potion sales, and went to the Lower Jeuno goblin shop to buy up all the Poison Flour I could manage. Problem 1 solved.

I was almost ready except for one ingredient: Sleepshrooms. Welcome to Problem 2. Although I remember seeing a fair amount of these on the Auction House back in my Sandy days (many moons ago), none of my mules came up with anything in any of the towns... and Jeuno had 1 or 2 stacks up for 20,000 gil. Yeah, no thanks. So, once again, I was in a situation where I needed an ingredient that no want wants to farm anymore. So while Hunter napped this afternoon I spent some yawn-inducing time in Spore Hollow (Jugner Forest), slaughtering Funguars and stealing their shrooms every 5 minutes. After 5 stacks of Sleepshrooms and 1 stack of Woozyshrooms, I decided I needed a nap myself.

I'll stop around 8 stacks or so tonight and head back to Bastok to see how far I can skillup with what I've got. I want to at least get to 53 in order to set up camp in front of the Poison Powder guy to avoid more shopping trips & just synth from there without too much breakage.

Soundtrack: Best of the Talking Heads, Modest Mouse (The Moon and Antarctica), Opeth (Morningrise, Ghost Reveries), System of a Down (Mesmerise)

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