Thursday, February 16, 2006

Farming Flint

I capped out the Sleeping Potion recipe within minutes of logging on (late tonight due to my wife's newfound addiction to American Idol in addition to our continuing addiction to Project Runway; yeah, I'm a WAR and I watch Project Runway m'kay? Don't make me get all 'Santino' on your ass -_-).

I had grossly overestimated how much material I would need to get to 56 (due to the new 'method' I wrote about yesterday). So my Bastok mule will need to unload about 20 Poison Flours to desparate/lazy crafters. Whoever is smart enough to underbid on the stack of Sleepshrooms I put out there will be pleasantly surprised. I'll probably have to NPC the 4 stacks of Chamomile, but I'll check the Bastok AH to see if anyone buys directly from there rather than the Sandy grocery store.

I eventually wandered out to Dangruf Wadi with my /THF sub to kill worms. A guy on Allakhazam swore by the worms there for Flint Stone drops with TH1, so I gave it a shot. I must say the drop rate is pretty damn good... nearly 90% Flint, though the occasional worm will drop Zinc only, or Sulfur only. I marked all the worm spawns on the map, since there's apparently only one 'chamber' where worms pop consistently & close together, while the rest of the spawns are spread out in various corridors between chambers. Running around the whole map & marking took some time out of my farming, but I'll be all the more efficient tonight.

Doing the math, it's becoming obvious that I'm going to need a ton of these Flint Stones to make it through the home stretch, maybe too many. An optimistic estimate of +.5 per 12 synths means I need to perform at least 96 synths to make it to 60. Each synth will require 8 Flint Stones. So... 768 Flint Stones, or 64 stacks?!

I'll try this for a bit, but I think I'll either fork out the gil and buy 30 or 40 Flint stacks and/or switch to Hi-Potions if farming this flint gets too mind-numbing. At least the Hi-Potion only requires 1 Malboro Vine per synth, which I could easily farm in Pashow Marshlands or buy at the Auction House if I don't mind losing 2000 gil in profits.

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