Wednesday, March 01, 2006

{Ninja} {Full attack!}

This feels like sort of a tier 2 Haubergeon: I've actually purchased an Emperor Hairpin for 2.9 million gil and I still can't quite believe I have one... I feel the same sort of bewildered pride I felt when I equipped that Hauby for the first time, having gone for so long without knowing whether I would ever actually own one.

I'm also glad I did my RSE coffers back when I was taking a breather from farming for the Hauby fund, since I'm now also wearing the Elvaan Male footgear and gloves for the AGI/DEX bonuses. The full set actually took awhile to get together since I played the same time window every night, so I had to meticulously track the RSE windows and choose the ones that would work for me. I ended up actually putting the RSE windows on my Palm Pilot calendar >.> The funny thing is, my schedule gets uploaded to a server to enable me to schedule work meetings and invite others etc. A co-worker of mine noticed some VERY wierd time blocks (but couldn't see the descriptions) and sheepishly asked me what I was doing for 8 hours from 11:30 PM until the wee morning hours. She got to know more than I think she cared to about FFXI.

My only questionable gear at this point are the Mythril + 1 on both ears, since I really should have Dodge Earrings, but I don't think I have the gil to purchase those now... and the Drone Earrings (which I already have) are only a few (hopefully short) levels away.

I think + 25 eva and +12 AGI is plenty for now.

I'm amused at how 'dandy' the NIN gear looks at this level, like I should be heading to a ball, not combat.

I spent most of the night moving gear & gil around and getting distracted by LS Chuck Norris chatter (you don't wanna know). I logged out in Khazam, although I may need to head back to Jeuno and just put my flag up there, since I'm in that Yhoat/GC grey area at level 32. We'll see what happens tomorrow night; I'm anxious to try out Ninja again after such a long hiatus.

Mental note: bring Hojo:Ichi tools (forgot to load up on those tonight).

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