Monday, March 06, 2006

Ni Scrolls and Elder Scrolls

I realized two nights ago that I had forgotten to save up for Utsusemi: Ni, and I don't really want to reach level 37 and not have this scroll, since I doubt I'll drop out of the party as soon as I level (although I've seen this done, I think it's bad form), and I'd feel badly for the party if we were headed to level 38 or 39 and I didn't have the beefed up Utsu available.

It's around 800k on Ifrit, so I switched to "farming mode", sending all of my Ninja gear back to my gear-mule. By the time I'd cleared out all of my slots and tidied everything up, I wasn't in the mood to farm anymore, and it was late. I generally need to be upbeat, nonchalant, and in social mode (LS chat) if I want to go to Giddeus again without losing my mind... and I wasn't really in that mental 'space.'

Since there's nothing quite as oddly depressing as being grumpy in Giddeus and killing bees (and the same goes for Jellies in Korrolaka) I decided to bring my NPC to Sanctuary of Zitah and get her close to 40. It's refreshing to just kill things without worrying about drops, my own EXP, or other people in general, and just listen to tunes while my NPC hacks away at things with her Great Katana. I logged off when she met her quota and played some good old-fashioned Splinter Cell before hitting the sack.

In other news, I've picked up an Xbox 360 in preparation for the version of FFXI arriving in April, and ... almost more importantly (don't shoot me) ... for Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. When that game comes out around the end of this month, I may not make it back to Vanadiel until the next big update in mid-April. I was a serious Morrowind junky in my early FFXI days, and I suspect this newest release will reel me right back in again.

And for the 360-haters out there who think I should get the PC versions of FFXI and Oblivion (there are a few in my social LS) ... um ... find me a $400 PC that plays both of those with the graphical quality of the 360 and we'll talk. As it stands, I have a 6 year old iMac so, yes, I would need a new machine to play them and, no, I don't have the budget for such a machine. Somehow I'm thinking if all I want to do is game with said machine, a next-gen console is a better investment of my meager dollars. End rant.

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