Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I've been a bit dormant in Vanadiel lately due to an Ulnar nerve problem in my left arm/wrist. I've logged in a couple of times to get some quick & painless Poison Potion profits (200k in a 1.5 hour session isn't all that bad), and to help a BLM get his AF2 (with a high-level PLD, this didn't require much keyboarding at all). But I'm sorry to say I haven't done much else since then (except lots of reading). I want to give my arm a few more days to rest and reduce the inflamation that's causing the problem. And no, it's not the FFXI that caused this, but a bad keyboarding habit at work. Don't type with your elbows resting on stuff, and keep your wrists up or you'll be sorry.... trust me >.>

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