Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oops, deflation.

Came back after a 2-day hiatus to find 3 unsold stacks of Silent Oil on my Sandy mule, and a few filled gil slots on my Jeuno mule for Carbon Fiber at 15k per stack. I can't quite gauge the deflation in Alchemy items lately, but I'm assuming/hoping consumables across the board are dropping as well. I have noticed that Firesand is still holding strong in the 20k range, so I've crafted up a few stacks of that (since the ingredients are all NPC and fairly cheap). Silent Oil plumetted from 40k a few weeks ago in Sandy, to roughly 23k, but I still farmed up a couple of stacks of Slime Oil for good measure. I'll do the math tomorrow night (and check other cities, though Sandy was consistently the highest for quite awhile) to determine whether I'll profit more from just selling the raw Slime Oil or crafting Silent Oil from it. I may need to check out Ninja tools again & diversify my sales a bit, since Silent Oil isn't quite the cash cow it once was.

My friend Ovidius reached level 70 on his Red Mage tonight, partying with two other friends of mine, Les and Lee. Les was leveling his Dragoon, and Lee his Black Mage (his White Mage is already level 75). Just to give you the full scope of my inferiority complex... these folks started on the same day I did, and Ovidius already took a one-month hiatus, while Les has been busy leveling other jobs to 50+ since Dragoon invites have been slow.

I suck.

I don't know what it is, but I just get a really negative feeling when I log in, and I can't shake it. Even after a couple of days off. I'll give it another try tomorrow, but if I still don't feel comfortable, I think I'll take my leave for awhile, possibly until the expansion arrives and renews my interest, or whatever cloud that's hanging over my Vanadiel life decides to dissipate.

My apologies to anyone who'se been reading this, drumming their fingers & waiting for me to break 60 already. It'll happen; I'm just too damn weary to make it happen right now.


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