Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Helping a Samurai get his wings

One of the career Samurai in the Wisdom LS needed assistance with the Burning Circle fight for the final piece of their AF set: the Myochin Kabuto. I know what it's like to covet those last few pieces, especially the very last one, so I figured I'd help out (plus I have a bit of a soft spot for Samurai since I saw at least one other good friend struggle through invite-less periods back in the 50's). Unlike the final BCNM for the Fighter's Lorica, this fight involved next to no strategy since the 3 Demon mobs could be neither slept nor silenced. We had a group of 60's & 70's players, so we basically buffed up, ran in guns-a-blazin' and took them down one at a time. In my usual fashion, I ran in first and got pounded pretty hard, but the WHM was on it, and once the 70 NIN came in, the Demons mostly ignored me (except when the WS kicked in...heh).

After the fight was over, I went AFK for a bit to tuck Zak (my wife) in and say goodnight. She was headed to bed right when we entered the BCNM, and when I came upstairs a few minutes later she laughed & asked me what the hell had been going on in the game, since all she could hear were the ridiculous combat sounds. I must admit the sound of a bunch of melee's chaotically smacking mobs around and weapon-skilling all over the place, and grunting, was sorta comical (I always have the soundtrack turned down to zero, which admittedly takes some of the drama out of occasions, but I'm not a fan of mediocre classical tracks).

When I came back I was standing at the Altep crystal (no BLM for D2, I guess, so this was fine). I figured I'd level my NPC while I was out here, and got her to 40 killing Dhalmels. As soon as she leveled, Khuma started Hasting me on a regular basis. Woot! For a WAR/NIN, this is quite nice...we love Haste.

{Good job!} Khuma! I think she deserves the completion of Past Reflections and a new Great Katana. Once I get some gil, that is... Back to crafting. Yawn.

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