Friday, March 10, 2006

1 Crest Down, 2 to go

I logged in around 10 PM, only to notice that my Warp Cudgels wouldn't be active until 11:30 PM, so I ran to Davoi and through the Monastic Cavern and logged out for a bit. I noodled around with some old incomplete Morrowind quests while I was waiting.

Once 11:30 arrived, I made my way back to the Davoi platform to receive my White Orb, which I proceeded to dip into 4 pools around the zone, starting with the ones guarded by aggro-ish (EP) mobs on the West and South points of the map. I got some more practice at waiting for mobs to turn before dropping invis, and all went well. I even brought a homebrew stack of Holy Water, so the Curse on the last dip wasn't an issue, besides it was in a {Too weak} area anyway, so I was covered.

Brought the Cursed Orb back to the Taru on the platform, who turned it into a Crimson Orb, and was I ready to call it a night, but figured the Banishing Gate and Crest were sooo close, I just had to try. Again, I had problems with a mob turning at the last moment when I hit the gate, but the zone was so close that it didn't matter.

Now at this point I was a bit nervous because people had complained about True Sight mobs in this area of the Monastic Caverns... but I must have lucked out because all I could see within range were Dragoons, Protectors, Champions, and Dreadnoughts. I'd caught site, briefly, of a NM but he was in the center/right of the room and nowhere near sight/sound detection range. So I made my way to the thankfully unguarded ??? and claimed my Crest.

I noticed Khuma is wearing some really swanky red outfit now, which I suspect is the non-HQ version of the Baron's gear? I took some screenshots, since I can't freeze her gear configuration yet, but it was quite stylish. I think if I ever want to dress her up again, I'll come out here and let her get some EXP.

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