Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Need a little more time (OT)

Sensation has returned to my ring finger and most of my little finger, so I've returned to work and changed my keyboarding habits, etc.

I think I still need about a week's worth of FFXI-less nights to make sure this nerve is functional before putting in more keyboarding overtime at night.

On a happy note, holding a controller and supporting my elbows with a pillow enables me to play Oblivion, so I haven't been completely inactive after-hours. That game is amazing, and surprisingly deep for a single-player RPG.

The only thing I don't appreciate about it are the bugs:

  • game freezes occasionally (hard freeze, requiring manual reset)
  • some quest bugs (making them incompletable if done in the wrong sequence)
  • HDD caching problem requiring a silly ritual at every startup
  • Disc Read Errors (on pristine discs)

So far, the HDD cache and DRE have solutions, so I'm not too pissed. But come on...when I put a console game into a console, I don't expect these types of issues. It's the whole reason for a closed console; I won't even describe people's problems trying to get their PC rigs to play this thing.

Part of the problem is Microsoft, who basically chose to crap on the idea of a closed box by tweaking hardware with each series of 360's runs. We already know of 2 different HDD manufacturers being used, and people suspect the DVD drive is also changing... The other problem is Bethesda's decision to let the game go gold when it still wasn't quite ready for this. There was probably a lot of pressure to get it out the door, but some half-decent QA would have caught some of the quest problems if only given maybe an additional 2 weeks to play it.

Anyway, I hope to return to FFXI soon. I want to get that Utsu:Ni scroll and then level my WAR to 61 to complete the next Genkai, which will be a breeze. What I do from there is wide open, though I suspect I'll keep plowing forward as WAR/NIN, leveling THF on slow nights once I get my gil pool back up for some decent thieving gear.


tsakiki said...

Sounds like you have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome! Carpal Tunnel has the thumb, first two fingers and inside edge of the ring finger going numb, due to damage in the wrists, while Cubital is a nerve sheath in the elbows, affecting the pinky finger and outside edge of the ring finger. (You probably knew all this already though.)

I've been managing with this condition for about 15 years. I try to keep my arms as straight as possible while driving, sleeping, typing (use keyboard trays lower than most people). At one point it was so bad that my pinkies would go numb in 10 seconds of holding a phone to my ear, but now it's really not a problem, since I pay attention to it. I do get flare-ups if I find I have to use a keyboard on a desktop.

I hope you get better soon, and back to Frohike!

Paul said...

Yes, that's exactly what the problem is, Cubital Tunnel. I'm going through Workers Comp, since my setup at work is not very ergonomic and led to a lot of the problems with posture, wrist placement etc. I'm tall (6'4'' with long arms), so it's difficult for me to place the keyboard appropriately to keep my arms extended but my shoulders relaxed. Someone will come in and evaluate my workstation, so hopefully I won't have a desk configuration that requires me to stop typing every 30 minutes. Quite frustrating.