Friday, March 03, 2006

Or maybe not... skillup instead. {Full attack!}

After trying to form a party with my flag up for about 45 minutes with no success and no invites, I decided to chat up the LS and it turned out some folks were headed out to the Boyhada Tree to do some skilling up. I forgot that my Great Axe was at 194 not 196, so... it was a bit brutal for awhile. People were generally there to skillup 200+

We camped at the big waterfall at the back near the Cloister zone, where the Elder Goobbues hang out. I'd never seen that place before and it was quite beautiful. I couldn't help but take pictures between battles. The mob of choice of course was crab... at first my accuracy was aweful, but I managed to slowly & steadily connect for .3, .4, .5 skillups and eventually the accuracy took a back seat to my need for higher ATK (Scissor Guard anyone?), which I hadn't prepared for (I really could have used the Spike Earrings that were sitting on my mule back in Bastok ><), but I made it through the ordeal without permanent trauma.

My Great Axe skill is now 200.5, and I got to inaugurate the Raging Rush on our skillup mob for a whopping...drum roll please... 14 dmg. Nope, didn't leave out any zero's there.

Only 2.5 levels away from cap!

Anyway, I hope to get on sooner tomorrow, when hopefully more people are available for a Garlaige Citadel party with my Ninja, all rearing to go...

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