Wednesday, April 12, 2006

FFXI ETA: April 18 ... Baby ETA: any time

I'm still refraining from typing after work until my physical therapy is done, which should be around the release of the expansion. However... my next child is due around that time (actually s/he could be born any day now), so my gaming will be quite sporadic for awhile. Given my RL situation, I'm thinking of switching jobs to something more solo-able, and leveling Warrior when opportunities arise and I have the time. I'll probably slowly become a Beastmaster, with the heart and cojones of a Warrior (not that BST doesn't already require balls of steel), which I think is a great combination personally. It's funny... in RL my machismo is next to non-existant. I'm a soft & quiet & sensitive Dad. But my alter egos in games always evolve into something else, though I'm still pretty quiet in MMOs too.

Anyway, my updates will probably become less frequent, given the amount of time I have to play the game, much less log it. But I will make an effort to update at least once a week.

Terry, feel free to put me in your 'Not So Much' category of blog updates. ^^

And thanks to all the people that have been checking my blog with freakish regularity.

For anyone who cares, I will post a picture of the new little one when s/he finally arrives as well.

Hope you're all having fun out there.

Oh and for anyone who thinks I'm just farting around with Oblivion instead of playing FFXI... meh. It's not the cat's meow, unfortunately. In terms of scope & depth of content, it doesn't hold a candle to Morrowind. It is a very nicely realized gorgeous hack-&-slash set in a rather boring (but pretty) area in the world of Elder Scrolls, with AI that is extremely fun to mess with since it is capable of the funniest and dumbest moments ever witnessed in a game. For RPG newbies, this game is the second coming. For people who've followed the series, it's a prettier, smaller, and more restrictive sandbox than any of the prior iterations. It's still fun to pick up and mess around with for a couple of hours at a time but, they've lost me as a hardcore fan.

Random P.S. For laughs, check out A Smithy's Life if you haven't already. Brilliant.

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Terry said...

Good luck on the impending little one, and I'll update my blog list. Just don't stop altogether! I hope BST works out so you can keep playing.