Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blue Mage & Puppetmaster flagged

Apparently all the talk about true sight mobs only applies to the Corsaire flag quest, since I encountered no such enemies in either the PUP or BLU run, both of which were completed last night without too much fuss. The only thing I really hated about the PUP quest was that infernal boat to Nashmau. Good lord, so much time wasted! I seriously hope they have outpost quests for these places.

I'm tempted to try the COR flag soon, since the new zones are still crowded with high-level EXP experimenters and people still flagging the jobs. Some of these zones might become more or less deserted later on, depending on the EXP setup and how many parties will be supported, making it more difficult to trounce through the area in search of the ??? point.

I'm really mostly interested in BLU, since it seems to have high survivability as a solo job. It might be interesting to level this job for a little variety when I'm tired of BST every once in awhile (or maybe try combining the two?). If I had the time, I would start looking into PUP, since the alchemical tools just seem ideal for me, but it doesn't seem to be a highly solo-able job. So it will probably get placed on the back burner, behind WAR, BST, BLU (and of course WHM/BLM which I need to level for BST). Who am I kidding...I'll probably never touch it. But the puppet is so damned cute, I just had to unlock the job. I'm a sucker for cute stuff that you can upgrade/collect; still recovering from Animal Crossing, if you have to know.

In the middle of the questing (literally while I was running semi-lost in Caedarva Mire), I get an invitiation to EXP in Uleguerand Range. Figures, doesn't it? It was 11PM so, um, {Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to pass}. Dammit, I hate passing up EXP.

I have an early hand rehab appointment tomorrow, but I'm still going to try to get some EXP on my Ninja tonight, once I rebuild my macros... While we're on the subject, this 'rebuild' process from the 360 migration is going to take longer than I'd thought. The macros are OK; nothing too complex there. But my maps! My precious, precisely marked maps! *Sob*... Those will take awhile to restore.

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