Sunday, July 09, 2006

Warrior Artifact Armor complete

I set out to Zvahl again this evening, but it was rather late, so I planned to just get to the zone and log out for the night...

But it was just too tempting to keep going, so I explored the 4 spawn points on the bottom floor on the off chance that a coffer would be in one of the 'easy' spots. Not so lucky. So I went for the southern spawn on the central platform (which took quite a bit of hiking around) only to see the coffer within arms reach, yet so far away, on the north platform. So I went from the Yagudo to the Quadav pit, dropped to the proper platform, and found the coffer still unclaimed although camped by two Evil Eyes. No matter. I dropped invis, hit the key-trading macro, verified the Cuisses were acquired, and hit the Warp Cudgel macro. Luckily, I didn't get petrified & made it home with about 250 HP.

And now cue the Pomp & Circumstance theme:

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