Friday, July 07, 2006

Time to hit Ronfaure again?

I spent last night fishing for Moat Carp (gotta do it sometime) & waiting for the Mamool Ja to go from level 1 preparing to level 5 advancing... which took about 2 and a half hours. Since the LS was being quiet, I tuned into another episode of Pet Food Alpha (the new Mega Elixir, essentially, under non-Zam management). Eric and FusionX are both fans of the Bard job (Sammy likes it too, but she seems to like every job in the game besides WHM), and every time I hear them discuss it I make a stronger mental note to try the job.

It just sounds completely foreign to any other that I've played in the game, and I think it would be rather fun to play a Warrior's favorite support class. This also means I need to level WHM/BLM, which could also be an interesting change, depending on how far I take the sub.

I'm still not certain about this job shift; just ruminating. But it's a rumination that has returned several times now over the past few months, and I'm thinking of taking the next step.

In any case, the Besieged event was fun and I earned the full 700 EXP and 700 IS points once my Xbox decided to not lock up or disconnect on me.

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