Friday, July 14, 2006

Kuftal Tunnel map obtained


I logged in tonight with the sole purpose of finding this coffer. Once I had checked every spawn point about 4-5 times, I was beginning to get so familiar with the area (and burning through so many Silent Oils) that I was actually losing interest in finding the map. Either the respawn time on the Kuftal coffer is extremely slow, or people camp it for whatever reason (I'm guessing anything but the map).

I had decided to leave after about an hour, but tried the Recluse Spider room again with my remaining 'extra' Silent Oil. I found the coffer at the D-9 spawn point and claimed my map.

This is another location that has always freaked me out a bit, particularly due to Guivre, but partially because of the lack of a map (which once caused a nasty run-in with an Ovinnik).


The auction house still lists 9 Astral Rings for sale, with sporadic undercutting to 1 million, but most sales are in the 1.3 - 1.4 million range. I'm putting mine up tonight, since this AH listing doesn't seem to empty out very often, and there's too much danger of deflation.

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