Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If there were crickets in Vana'diel...

They would chirp around me. Constantly.

I've only logged in briefly over the past couple of nights and have been utterly aimless in these short sessions, mostly because I have the urge to EXP again but can't seem to form or get a party when the soonest I can log in is 10PM. At this point, there's usually a small motley assortment players with their flags up, mostly Japanese with {I don't speak any English} disclaimers. What do these mean anyway? That they'd rather not play with anglo-saxon players, or simply can't speak the language but would like to team up anyway? It seems to me that English speakers are a bit more helpful and descriptive in their use of auto-translation in the Search comments, but maybe that's just me.

Anyhow, I want to EXP a little more to try out my new Bomb Core (had to use the Astral Ring profit for something, right?). I'm not too worried about throwing it because:
  1. I never use the manual menus for ranged attacks, nor much of anything else for that matter.
  2. I never use Ctrl+R to throw stuff.
  3. I've changed my /ra macro: /equip ammo; /equip ammo "Dart"; /p {Pull back} {t} {call14}; /ra ; /equip ammo "Bomb core";
I've made similar changes to the /ra macro for my NIN set, and the rest of my macros were wiped out in the Xbox migration. I'm still a bit concerned about the Ctrl+R since the key is so close to the number 5, which is my /ra macro button. I think I'll switch that macro to the Alt register to cover my bases.

I logged out last night in Eastern Altepa Desert, where I'd spent perhaps 30 minutes trying to steal Mythril Beastcoins before I started dozing off. I'll keep plugging away at it while LFG tonight (or tomorrow depending on the family's plans today) but it's not as fun as fishing, in my opinion. I'm feeling the urge to cast a line out in the Jugner lake again and acquire some more skillups and Moat Carp.

Guess we'll see...

[chirp] [chirp] [chirp]

Oh, shut up.

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