Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More red crawlers, eh?

I put up my flag last night for what I hoped to be the last time for a few more weeks. While waiting, I decided to get rid of some Worms and Millioncorn sitting in my MH and sell stacks of Insect Paste. As soon as I had all of my ingredients together and kneeled for my first synth, an invitation came in. "Hello there, would you care to join a party in Mount Zhayolm?"

First of all, the request was in full English, no abbreviations, no auto-translate cuteness. And it was polite. After recovering from this, I noticed the zone name and realized that perhaps it was time to get some staging points flagged soon. The leader, whom I recognized from a previous party in Aydeewa Subterrane (unblogged, sorry) was kind enough to taxi me in, using Escape when zoning to Halvung from Bhaflau Thickets (F-8) to skip us straight to Zhayolm.

The setup was nearly perfect. The party was already formed, the site wasn't overcamped, we were only targetting one type of mob (Magmatic Eruca), and I was pulling (so I wasn't bored). The crawlers took awhile to kill, so we couldn't hit chain 5 as consistently as I would have liked. But the EXP was rather addictive, and the party very pleasant. The NIN (east coast) eventually swapped out for a PLD, without a hitch.

There was a bit of downtime on a few occasions as 2 people warped back to town to refresh Sanction, and the NIN died a couple of times when the WHM's attention slipped and Barfira wasn't up (the leader had another WHM character there, level 75, so Raise3 kept the drama at bay). But we kept plugging away and chatting until 2:30AM PST, when I was starting to nod in between pulls and several players were getting parental agro. Once again both weapons capped out, the Great Axe taking much longer than I liked but yielding a new WS to try out later (since Crawlers are immune to it): Full Break. And I went about 8100 experience points into level 65.

And now, onto anything other than EXP'ing for awhile...hopefully.

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