Friday, July 21, 2006

Amnesia sucks

But doesn't it feel great when you get your memory back?

With 12k to go until level 66, I accepted an invite around 11:30 last night to Caedarva Mire at the Azouph Staging Point, which I had fortunately flagged when I was working on my Aht Urhgan missions. We camped just north of the gate, around K-8, and hacked away at the most annoying mobs I've had the displeasure of killing so far: Heraldic Imps. There's nothing quite like seeing a Ninja tank's shadows drop... and not come back up because he's silenced (thanks to Deafening Tantara) followed by an extremely fast dip in the Ninja's HP (thanks to Frenetic Rip), and being unable to weaponskill the mob or provoke it (thanks to Abrasive Tantara) away from the WHM who has to cast emergency-sized cures on the tank.

We didn't have too many of those moments because the mages were very liberal with the Silena on the tank, but we came close to party wipes a couple of times.

The risk had quite a payoff, as I was getting around 500+ exp with each kill when my Empress Ring and Sanction were in effect. We eventually got a rhythm going, where the puller would sleep the mob at a distance and people would debuff the hell out of it before it made its way to camp. We got a few chains after awhile. Nothing above 3 from what I recall, but enough to compensate a bit for the EXP ring wearing off. During Imp respawn downtime, we killed a few Jnuns.

The competition at our site was fairly high, which annoyed me at first until most of the parties eventually left as the night wore on. Then I realized how nice it had been to not have Imps floating all over the place. Our puller died twice due to pop-links, and running to the gate in emergencies was a risk unto itself... it's actually hard to open the door if the mob is on you, because hits will interrupt the 'event' of opening the gate. -_-

The puller's LS friend thankfully brought R3, so we didn't have to wait too long for him to ding 66 and let us all disband & sleep at 1:30AM. I'm now a little over 1k TNL.

By the way, as much as I hate Ninja tanks, it was a testament to the skill of our particular Ninja that hate control was rarely a big problem. This really impressed me considering the constant Silence and Amnesia on the party. So, hats off to the Ninjas who actually know what they're doing, which frankly seem to be rare these days.


Darrett said...

Sounds like an eventful night. I have yet to exp in the ToAU areas. And I personally love PLD tanks as WHM as I hate those knee jerk oh god there goes their shadows and HP drops like half. But a good NIN can make me useless ^^ those are the NINs I like. I can't wait to experience amnesia one day.

Paul said...

I'm always a little thankful when the party decides to go for a ToAU camp, since it just makes the EXP session feel a little more...adventurous. Most of the mobs I've seen just behave differently and make you change your EXP habits a bit (or are just plain annoying, in the case of Imps).

And I prefer the visual design of the thickets & mire to places like Bibiki Bay & such, mostly because I grew up in forested area in France, so the trees, swamps, and city walls just make me feel like I'm home again ^_^. It's one of the goofy nostalgic reasons why I chose San D'Oria as my home nation, BTW.