Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More fun with Coffers

After blowing another 50 seals for the priviledge of casting Mijin Gakure, I think I'm done gambling for awhile. I have about 50 seals left, which I'll save in case I want to do a real BCNM someday (yeah, right).

So...I have keys. Too many keys. My janitor skills are capped. Some may not think I have that many, but they take up so much space that I just stare at them in my MH sometimes:

  • Delkfutt Key
  • Boyahda Coffer Key
  • Zvahl Chest Key
  • Oldton Molvopolis Chest Key
  • Kuftal Coffer Key
  • Nest Chest Key
  • Gusgen Chest Key
  • Whine Cellar Key (? o_O ?)
So, as with the seals, it's time to burn some of these. I threw the Whine Cellar Key away. It's RA/EX and I'll never go for Black Mage artifact armor. I obviously can't get rid of the Delkfutt key. But two major ones stand out. At level 65, I think it's time I had maps to Kuftal Tunnel and Boyahda Tree, don't you? So I grabbed a key and went sightseeing.

And I eventually found the coffer in an easy, agro-free location, sitting amongst some Death Caps at J-8. It was the mellowest time I'd ever spent in the tree, since all I had to worry about was sneak in a few places.

I remembered how petrified I felt while finding my way to my first EXP party here, not realizing that most mobs don't agro until you get to the larger rooms. And I still got lost a couple of months ago during a skillup party and used more Silent Oils than I cared to. Having this map is a good thing for me. I feel closure with this place now... /sigh


The RMT appeared to be slacking tonight so I took the opportunity to kill a few Goobbues on my way back. Nothing spectacular since I hadn't subbed Thief, but I still got a Tree Cutting out of it (I think I'm 1 or 2 away from a stack).

I won't be able to play for the next few nights, but when I return I want to go on a Kuftal Coffer hunt, which should be...interesting!

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