Monday, July 10, 2006

BCNM 50: Treasure and Tribulations

I have an obscene number of Beastmen Seals and no one with whom to BCNM, so I figured I'd burn a few on the russian roullette of BCNM: Treasure & Tribulations.

On my first attempt, I attacked the large coffer which became a Mimic and killed me before the Warp Cudgel could proc. Realizing the stupidity of doing this as Warrior, I switched to Ninja for the Mijin Gakure.

I attacked the small coffer on the second attempt, which yielded a Ronin Ring (essentially worthless; sells seldom for around 5k) and a handful of Wyvern scales (approx 5k on AH).

I selected the medium coffer on the third attempt, which yielded a Tamer's Ring (not worth a sale, but I'll hang on to it in case I level BST), and ... finally ... an Astral Ring. This is worth approximately 1.2 - 1.4 million on Ifrit. It's unfortunate that it took so many seals, but I wasn't going to do anything else with them and they were taking up room in my MH.

There are currently 9 Astral rings on the AH, so I'll wait a few days before selling mine.


wyred said...

Wow, almost 2 years in this game and I never knew there was a BC like this where one can solo.

I'm really going to try this. BLM60/SMN10 lol.

Paul said...

Yeah, I'd only heard about this recently and was surprised there was such a thing. Someone posted it in a "So you need to fund your Haubergeon" topic on alla. I'd say the odds are no worse than some of the other BCNM, though obviously the payoff is a bit lower (not exactly Peacock Charm levels here).

tsakiki said...

When one of our friends quit over a year ago, he used up his last seals on this BCNM. I think the best item he got was a Fencer's Ring, which is probably the RDM equivalent of the Ronin's Ring.

Congrats on getting something worthwhile!