Monday, July 03, 2006

I feel cranky...oh so cranky...

Dear party leader,

When you propose an EXP party to someone who doesn't have their /invite flag up and that person interrupts their plans to assist you, show a little courtesy and respect. If no one is skillchaining and the Warrior uses his Great Axe, don't ask him to change his weapon. Just...don't go there, especially if he is dealing the most damage in the party aside from the Black Mage, and is having no accuracy or TP issues whatsoever. Judgement should be based on actions & performance, not your cookie cutter assumptions about 'proper' weapons. And speaking of action vs. concept, let's address one of your party members.

Dear pansy Ninja tank,

If the Warrior decides to provoke a mob that is trying to destroy the party's mages, don't get upset with him. Placing your pride over the safety of the party only makes you look weaker than you already do, especially when the mob has been turning on everyone but you for the duration of the party. During your downtime, as the party waits for the leader to return with a Thief subjob just for you, take some time to re-evaluate how you're playing your job when you don't have your Trick Attack crutch (oh noes!). And once we do get a Trick Attack setup, don't complain when the Warrior provokes the incoming mob... because that would just be moronic now, wouldn't it?

Dear suicidal Black Mage,

If you know for a fact that the Ninja is having cerebral issues (see above), please wipe that smile off of your face before the mob does it for you and ease up on the nukes. The Warrior may become so distracted by your 'amazing' damage that he'll 'forget' to provoke the mob off of you, because you're just that blindingly awesome.

Have a bitchin' summer & don't ever change,


... I hope I hit 65 soon, because I need a vacation from stupid people. I try to be low-key, low-stress, I really do, but parties like this make it extremely difficult. When I left after the 2 hours I had agreed upon with the leader, I found it appropriate (in a snotty kind of way) to bring in a Thief as replacement. An LS mate in the party said the hate management was still a nightmare. By the time I arrived in Whitegate, however, someone must have done something right: the Ninja died.

On a happier note, the party I actually sought last night was fun, laid back, and well-coordinated ... and, gasp, "allowed" me to use my Great Axe for awhile, until I got bored and used my Axes as well. Both weapons are capped and equally effective in solo WS spam. Can you tell I'm developing a pet peeve here?

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Excessivedamage said...

I loved that blog, and yes, as a WAR I have a huge chip on my shoulder against NIN tanks. Especially as 90% have no clue how to manage hate which forces me to voke the mob off the mage it is currently bearing down on.

I generally allow myself a satisfied smile when this happens as my Great Axe damage makes it practically impossible for the NIN to get the hate back.

However, swapping hate with a NIN who knows how to use his (or her) job is a joy.