Thursday, July 06, 2006

Frohike dozes off quietly.

Since I've been running on fumes (read 4-5 hours of sleep) for the past few days, I didn't log in last night... It's bad when you feel the process of sleep actually coming upon you while you're walking in broad daylight. Yeah, that's pretty bad. That's like, toddler taking a faceplant at the dinner table bad. So I made like a human being and slept a little.

I'm thinking of setting up a 'thematic' series of posts at some point. Something I can come back to every now & then and elaborate upon. I've got two ideas so far. One is a Seinfeldian 'Did you ever notice?' column about those goofy little things in FFXI you notice once before it becomes commonplace in your Vanadiel mental space, but gets a 'recharge' when someone actually mentions it out loud. Another idea is a Walt Whitman style long poem that begins "Somewhere in Vana'diel..." and just lists "moments" that people have in the game and you know are constantly happening as you do your own thing in your own little world. Sort of an epic sweep through the game world (if any of you have seen Wings of Desire, think of the first few minutes of that film).

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