Tuesday, July 25, 2006


For anyone who listened to the latest episode of Pet Food Alpha, please skip their discussion about the question I sent in. They completely misread it and proceeded to give an answer that, at least in my opinion, amounted to "I dunno, don't use food much"

... yeah, I went O_O as well.

For those of you who do listen anyway, please be assured that I do not smoke crack, and yes I use accuracy food because I in fact need it (as most WAR do at my level), and yes I most definitely would notice a nasty dip in DoT if I decided not to eat sushi. Here's what I asked them, if you're curious:

I just recently learned that I've been wasting a sizable amount of gil on Sole Sushi when I could have been eating cheaper food such as Bream or Squid Sushi with no noticeable downgrade in my damage over time. Since all I really needed the sushi for was accuracy, I'd been spending upwards of 30,000 gil per stack of food for meager additional gains in damage when they really weren't necessary.

I wish I had known this sooner...much much sooner, and I think lots of players out there could use some advice on what foods to consume in their different jobs & levels. I've seen people eating expensive Sushi in Qufim, and it made me very very sad.

So... what foods do you eat now on your different jobs and why? And when do you recommend that people start eating food to boost their performance?

Hey, I thought it was a good topic starter. Too bad it was totally misconstrued, and again um FusionX ... O_O Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Maybe DRG don't need food?

But they hate NIN about as much as I do, so it's all good (even though, by Eric's definition, I'm a "pathetic little weasel" for subbing it >_>).


Darrett said...

They don't use food? Actually I find that a disturbing trend nowadays. I've recently been leveling my RDM from 23 to 35 and I've sort of been bringing along juice making supplies, extra ginger cookies, pies, mithkabobs, etc to dole out. I had a 31 PLD in altepa say he didn't know what food was for. Most of the WHM I have come accross use nothing, not even cheap +hMP cookies. From what I've seen everone can get a boost from food. Just the poor melee tend to have to pay more than the mages (although those damn +1 melon pies are 40K a stack, grrrr). Sorry been having really annoying WHMs (and it's so hard to hold my tongue) and tanks of late.

Paul said...

What baffles me is, both of the hosts have at least one job at 60 or higher, but both just sounded like the biggest newbs when answering this basic question.

Steak seems to use food occasionally on his PLD, although he only mentioned Steamed Crab, which I think is the equivalent of using Meat Jerky on a DD... pretty mediocre to be using at 60. And I find it really hard to believe that FusionX is not noticing the massive amount of misses on his Scythe. I thought Accuracy was a known issue with DRK, but I could be wrong here.

He also sold his Scorp Harness because it "wasn't making a noticeable difference" which again totally baffles me. You don't just throw on the SH and not reconfigure the rest of your gear, and compare parses based on that. The point of equipment like SH and Hauby are that they free up the other slots, which he obviously didn't use.

I'm sounding very judgemental, but it was extremely hard not to be a little appalled when A. they didn't seem to have basic reading skills and B. didn't seem to understand what I consider to be intermediate game mechanics.

I don't think I'll email any more topics to them, although I'll continue to listen for the entertainment value. And they do drop some interesting tidbits of information every now & then.

Darrett said...

lol. I had never heard of them until your post. I agree with you though. I always though DRK's needed help in the accuracy department. Since most of my melees are very very low, I can only bespeak the mushroom/pie/cookies/juices route.