Monday, July 24, 2006


Of all the nights to come back to FFXI for a little EXP, I chose... update night! Egads.

It seems this update will be kind to the Warriors in Vanad'iel though.

  • Savagery: Adds TP bonus to Warcry.
  • Aggressive Aim: Adds Ranged Accuracy bonus to Aggressor [didn't they nerf this last year?]
  • Tomahawk: Expends a throwing Tomahawk to inflict a special Defense Down effect on the enemy
  • Warrior's Charge: Will double your next attack.

That last one could very well make us the kings of spike damage in the game ([SATA +] Berserk + Warrior's Charge + Steel Cyclone), until SE decides to strike us down with the fated nerf stick.

I'm a little wary of the changes but thankful as well. At least the Warrior role as ghetto-tank seems to be receding in the memories of the game balance specialists (no gratuitous +shield skill on these additions).

This will certainly give me stuff to try out in the future... once I can log into the actual game to play and get some EXP -_-.


Darrett said...

Ghetto-tank?!?! I like WARs as tanks in the lower levels ^^ But that just may be me (and honestly my WAR is only 16 ; ;). Glad you're happy about the update. Have fun meriting!

Paul said...

We are definitely uber-tanks as /MNK up through Yhoat Jungle. That was my role almost exclusively until Garlaige Citadel, I believe. But SE never really seemed to understand that we don't tank in the same manner as a PLD blood-tank. We generate hate spikes with our nasty Great Axes of death, Provoke, Boost, and Warcry. Not with... Shield skill O_O. Any WAR tank worth his/her salt wouldn't touch a Shield at those levels, at least in my opinion.

In the 50's and beyond, WAR/NIN tanking takes quite a bit of party support (& the right party configuration) and, let's face it, just doesn't perform as well as a straight up PLD tank in most situations. Which makes it all the weirder that all of the Warrior AF is geared toward tanking. Wearing anything other than hands and feet AF in an EXP party will cause problems.

With this latest update, it appears that SE has gotten it out of their collective heads that you should slap a bunch of VIT, STR, +Enmity, and +Shield skill on a Warrior. It just doesn't work and it's not what we do at 50+. Attack and TP bonus? {Yes, please}