Friday, February 02, 2007

Fishing. Shopping. Skilling.

I called in sick yesterday due to a stomach bug, and the wife and kids had gone to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the morning, so I found myself with some free time. However I couldn't commit time to an EXP party for obvious reasons. Somehow I don't think "AFK. Barfing. Back in a minute" would go over well in meripo.

So I kept fishing up Ogre Eels for fishing skillups and synthing them into Venom Dust for alchemy skillups. I moved to the South Gustaberg sea cliff, since the auction house was in much closer proximity there, and the skillups in both crafts slowly trickled in.

Incidentally, I was finally able to speak with Faulsey, a fellow blogger on my server who is never on when I am. And it was a pleasure chatting with him, as usual.

When I logged in for the evening, I finished off my skillup session by reaching 62 in Alchemy and 30 in Fishing nearly simultaneously and warped to Aht Urghan for some shopping. Barone Cosciales had dropped to 100k and Assault Earrings were holding at 400k, so purchasing this pair of gear didn't put me in the poor house.

If felt good to finally polish up some of my equipment and cross some items off of my list. Next in line will be the Potent Belt, but I'm still waiting for the Poison Pot market to recover from an undercut bomb earlier this week (20k to 15k... yikes).

I sought a party during this evening's activities, but 90% of seekers were Japanese and there were approximately 6-7 Warriors seeking at all times, so no luck on a pickup.

Hopefully I'll be able to get on in a timely fashion tonight to join a meripo with Feon, but this is all subject to the willingness of my children to go to sleep.


Darrett said...

Hope you're feeling better.

And congrats on getting some equipment. The poison potion market on Garuda is still stuck low. I remember when it was 30K a stack. So sad ; ;

Faulsey said...

Pleasure to hear me moaning about Kazura being stolen?


I think the last time I'd saw you online prior to a couple days ago was in like... August.

Isadora said...

Hope you are better already.