Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gone Smithing

I've barely logged in since the middle of last week, mostly because I'm distracted by Viva Pinata again, and FFVI has also been taking up some of my time. I'm getting ready to do some more fishing... My lame attempt at skilling up in Zeruhn Mines was just that, netting me more Tricolored Carp and Moat Carp than Black Eel, so I decided to target the bass in Rolanberry Fields.

But to do this effectively, I need a Frog Lure, which no one bothers to craft since its the HQ below Shrimp Lure. It requires 46 Alchemy, check. 9 Smithing... dang.

Since I need Smithing to progress further in Alchemy anyway, I've decided to skill up a bit. I ran back & forth between the Al Zahbi AH (for crystals) and the NPC named Ndego, buying Copper Ore and Tin Ore to make Bronze Ingots. Then I used the ingots to make sheets and skill to level 3.1 before logging out.

I got a bite for a merit party while I was puttering around, but it fell through.

Ah the exciting life of a 75 WAR these days. >.>


Darrett said...

If you get your alchemy up a little higher you can level alchemy and smithing on sleep bolt heads ^^ Good luck with it.

JOWAH said...

FFVI is good! I LOVE that game **
If you're playing that instead of XI, then you can be forgiven xD

I can say it's my fav FF ever (I dont include XI for obvious reasons).
Best villain and characters ever, and we got EDGAR! *drools*