Friday, February 23, 2007

Ah, much better


Flickr limits my res, but I can take shots in 1440x900 now.

A few .DAT edits for the UI and maps, and some registry editing for Mip-mapping level 4 (to get rid of that damn flickering in the distance) and setting both background and overlay to 1440x900, & I think I'm good to go!

And it only took me 3 years to upgrade... Shut up, I'm old.


Faulsey said...


Two 1/2 years for me to upgrade!

Though at least it's always been on pc for me.

Recently got some more RAM (I had... 256MB RAM >.>;), and a new graphics card.

Nothing fancy, but a HELLUVA lot better than my like.... 6 year old card I have right now!

raidenn said...

Just use Photobucket. Its free and almost unlimited.

Paul said...

I think I'm OK with 1024 horizontal res for posted screenshots, anyway. It's not like I need to make HQ prints or anything. Plus, as Jowah knows, Flickr's got some nice features ^^;