Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pathos (And the People Who Try to Use It)

My crafting and seeking session was cut short after getting to level 4, when I received an invitation to a primarily Japanese party. Roster was: BRD, RDM, SMN, WAR, WAR, RNG. They told me we were heading to Nyzul Isle, a staging point I hadn't flagged yet, but they were OK with that and told me to follow them.

I initially assumed that we were going to take the Colibri camp but this group went to a different spot. Instead they headed to the Caedarva Mire (5) exit (can't think of another way to name it, see exit 5 on the map ^_^), which brought us to Hediva Isle. We stayed in the general vicinity of the zone and killed Heraldic Imps. The occasional Mind Flayer add would force us to zone to despawn the mob, but the BRD and RNG seemed to have an OK time pulling.

BRD-style pulling & queuing doesn't work so well with Amnesia, but we managed to pull a chain 15 at some point during the session.

About an hour after we arrived, another group unsuccessfully attempted to camp on top of us, and I received a /tell from an English player asking us how long we would be there. I told him the party was JP and I really had no clear read on how long they planned to stay... though it would probably be awhile. His response was,

Yeah, I noticed they're JP, and you guys are meriting [pregnant pause... queue violins]. And we're just trying to get to 75.

Boo... hoo?
I mean, I understand the frustration. However,
  • A camp claim is a camp claim; I don't give 2 s**ts what level you are.
  • I'm not the leader, talk to him.
  • I don't speak Japanese, and even if I did, I think I'd have a hard time convincing the party to leave a 10k per hour spot, regardless of how many violins or pregnant pauses I use.
I thought ignoring him was successful, but he shot another /tell an hour later asking if we were done yet.

I couldn't find the auto-translate for {I don't speak any Moron}, so I simply replied No, and we proceeded to EXP for another hour or so, netting us approximately 30k.

At the end of our session, the group guided me to the staging point and was kind enough to congratulate me for something I should have solo'd weeks ago. They were a good group of people, and I hope my name stands out... maybe... the next time they're looking for a Warrior.

I spent 3 merits on upgrading my Axe skill once again, bringing my cap to the A+ level of 277. Subsequent merits will go into Critical Attack and the Aggressor/Berserk timers.


Faulsey said...

"See this? This is me playing the world smallest violin."


Awww, poor widdle 74's (?).

I mean, yeah, I'd be a bit miffed if, say, I had some level 40 in the dunes killing my EXP mobs, but level 75's meriting where it's perfectly acceptable? Whats wrong with that?

-puts on old man voice- Now, I mays nots be a level 75, but, back in my day, when peoples were trying to get to 75, they hads to work for it! We didn't have any of this new fangled begging for camp sites majiggers.

Paul said...

It just really threw me for a loop when he sent that tell... Was he honestly expecting us to feel sorry for him and actually leave ?

I don't know if he assumed the camp was 70ish exp material onry and was surprised to find us there or ... what.

I mean picture trying to say the same thing to a merit party at the Azouph Isle point. Yeah, don't think so.

Maurice said...

/concer < Faulsey >
Work for the sweetness, everyone has to.

Tuufless said...

Or! -shock, horror- Maybe it never occured to him that there are other places to get to 75 that's, y'know, maybe NOT Caedarva Mire?

Heh, gawd I hate that place. I'm glad I filled in the Campsitarus entry right back when ToAU was first released and the places were empty. That place is INFESTED now.

Though that being said, did he really think to bring his PT down to Hediva Isle?? XD

Darrett said...

BRD style pulling and sleeping work with Amnesia. Amnesia does nothing for our abilities. It just means the melee can't Voke, so we have to stick around until the melee get hate. What kills me about imps is their silence. Although I manage to avoid some of the through the BRD trait, that can kill me fast if I can't lullaby while silenced.

Idiots are idiots. You can't help that you can kill faster than the other party. And a group of level 75s with merits is going to kill faster than a group of level 74s without merits (assuming that none fo them have other jobs at 75). *sigh*

Guankim said...

"I couldn't find the auto-translate for {I don't speak any Moron}" >>>

I like that one! I tend to use the nice "{Rock cheese} {You can have this.}" Then when I get the confused look, to smile with the cheese for the whine deal. It usually ticks people off enough they get the point, though, hehe.