Monday, February 26, 2007


While I was preparing for another marksmanship snoozefest, Feon invited me to do some Assault runs with him and Cozmos.

After much muling, I picked up my orders for Leujaoam Cleansing and we headed off to Azouph Isle. Those worms are uh, nasty... After Feon died on a poorly timed Gastric Bomb, we aborted the mission and headed back to town.

For our second attempt, we switched to Excavation Duty. We got the last wall down to 10% HP before the time ran out. While chipping away at the walls, we couldn't help but notice the occasional comedic whiffs:

ZOMG, I whiffed on a wall...

Oops, missed that wall, better have some sushi!

We used our third license to attempt another Leujaoam Cleansing, but both Feon and I died on the 2nd or 3rd worm.

Despite the failed missions, I definitely had fun and can see the appeal of Assault. I'd like to try these again soon. I think our problems on both missions can probably be remedied by a couple of extra bodies.


Feon said...

yeah i would have bring ish but he was in dunes on lv 15 smn hp there too sooooooooo =/ lol at least we learn something

Isadora said...

aww.. better luck on your next try!

i always make it a point to try to store an "extra" i.d.tag, by collecting 1 from rytaal as soon as it becomes available. so that at day 4, you will have "4 tags" (1 on hand + 3 more at the counter).