Monday, February 26, 2007

Light of Holla

Lifthrasir has set up a schedule of 'family nights', where we set aside each Tuesday and Saturday night to pause our individual projects (crafting, leveling, meriting, etc.) to do events that will benefit several members of the LS or the LS as a whole.

Our first project is to get the Promyvions underway since several of our members, myself included, have yet to clear these. So Murrdoc coordinated a run on Promyvion Holla on Saturday. We had farmed the psycho and hystero anima a couple of nights before and everyone was reminded to bring poison pots and holy waters to the event.


We steadily made our way to the final floor under the direction of Murrdoc (who had a map) with Zorrandor as our widescanner.


We did catch aggro here & there, which I assume is unavoidable in places (especially at the fences), but we fought our way through, mostly without incident. The path to the final receptacle was the most treacherous and two of our members died as we fought a Seether and a few other empties (a Thinker might have been among them, can't quite remember).

Fortunately another group had arrived at the receptacle before us and told us to rest & recover while they cleared it. Once cleared, everyone ported to the top floor and we joined up as an alliance for the final run to the spire. The path was amazingly empty and we all made it without any problems.



We let the other party go first while Murrdoc formulated the battle plan and Poison pots & holy waters were distributed as needed. Doc would be calling the animas, and we established a rotation, although I stupidly missed the part where he said he'd be calling them by first initials. I assumed we would just be calling out the animas as we used them and he'd be calling out the anima to use, leaving it to people to keep track of who threw the last one.

Despite my missing the first Hystero toss because of this brain fart, the battle went extremely well and we claimed the new record (since the last server maint, I guess).


A big congrats to the team, and 3 cheers for Murrdoc for coordinating the run!

P.S. After the run, we discovered that the other team had a SNAFU (the BLM warped accidentally) and had to re-attempt. I hope they made it on the second try -_-;

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JOWAH said...

Holla is very easy with the right items along with you :3
Dem is the easiest, and mea imho is the most painful one.
Good luck with your cops^^