Thursday, February 08, 2007

More BCNM fun

The past two evenings have consisted of multiple Operation Desert Swarm runs, which Feon's group was kind enough to allow me to attend, even when my seals had run out. I feel like I can do that particular KSNM in my sleep now... and it offered me a chance to really get the knack with rotating Utsusemi Ichi and Ni.

I never had much practice with this rotation as a NIN since I sort of bailed on that job as soon as I hit 37. And most merit parties only drop 4 or 5 of my shadows before hate gets pulled elsewhere temporarily.

In this KSNM, I got to solo at least 2 scorpions in a row and really get my Ichi - Ichi - Ni - Ichi timing down, which was really quite fun.

We also took a couple of stabs at Copycat, which was rather interesting. This BCNM will charm members in the group on a regular rotation, starting with the member who traded the orb. The first attempt was a bit of a mess, but we toughed it out on the second for the eventual kill, though 3 members died before it was all over. Took about 20 minutes O_O;

We got a couple of 'big' drops on the ODS runs: a damascus ingot, and a damascene cloth. Profit from these will be split amongst the group, which again was very generous of them considering I brought no orbs to the table. The RA/EX "500WS" weapons (not sure what else to call them) were free lots, and I eventually ended up with a Heart Snatcher, a Senjuinrikio, and a Rampager. I put the dagger and katana into my locker for now, but do plan to unlock the great axe latent for fun.

On an unrelated note, I'm a bit appalled at how badly broken fishing has become on our server. Bite rates have been 'adjusted' in certain zones, which is more of a detriment to legitimate fishers than the botters SE is so ineptly trying to target. Prices on fish continue to plummet as the market is saturated with bots that can constantly pull catches such as Black Sole on a low level fisherman and continue to thrive.

As annoying as the RMT are in the other crafts, I just hope SE doesn't plan to make similarly asinine 'adjustments' in other areas. Could you imagine if they increased the breakage rate on certain synths that bots currently exploit? Wouldn't be such a great fix, would it?


Darrett said...

Break rates are already ridiculous. I still hate it when I break on something that I'm way over the cap for. I haven't tried fishing lately, but I've heard that shalls are harder to pull up now. Oh well.

Copycat is an evil one, although I'm starting to hate Prehistoric Pigeons even more. I've never melee'd CC, only done it manaburn style. We usually the the orb person use their 2 HR before the fight because it's not fun having manafront, or mijin turned against you. Then if he gets charmed we sleep him. But it's usually a volley of nukes then sleep, then a volley of nukes, then sleep, then a volley of nukes and the eye is dead. Gotta love BLMs eh?

Working on my heartsnatcher now, 303/500, gah this is taking forever.

Faulsey said...

Shame NIN sub only gives you 3 shadows with Ni.

Anyway, gratz on however much money you get from the split.

I could really do with some money XD

Hmmm... Need to see if I can get people to do BCNMs with me.

Been considering 30's or 40's, because Ni, to my surprise, has went UP in price, whilst everything else is going DOWN. o.O;

Tog from Ifrit said...

You, Me and Fauls all do a BCNM! XD
I hope you had fun and of course got paid.

Xylos said...

Gah its been so long since I did ODS.Need to go back soon for the senji someday soon ..

As for fishing I want to cry, used to be a great way to drop some stress witha little pure profit relaxation after quests,missions, events etc..

A few months back I did manage to get a botters account banned with at least 6 Lu Shang rods on it ^^ his bot had a glitch if you spammed a /tell or /em at just the right time it would screw up its ability to release mobs. It was a lvl 1 mule so mob = death and then it would POS warp back into place 10 second trip across buburimu I dont think so ^^ He was sneaky and had it warp behind a hill so it looked like he was running back and if he had tacked on a minute or two to the pos timer ....