Thursday, February 22, 2007

Attention Morons of Ifrit

Sis Kebabi are 24k per stack here, assuming not too many of you participated in Besieged and lost our AC.

I figured this little farce market died a long time ago... but it's still trucking along slowly.

Guess I'll be keeping a stack in there every once in awhile, for free moron gil.


Feon said...

quick hide your post or delete it dont share this secret with every one! O.O Worked with a few other things too cause people are the lazy I used to make mad gil off Distilled Water NPC to AH cause umm people are umm slow =/

Paul said...

The people who pay 40k for a stack of this stuff wouldn't open a browser window to save their lives, much less look something up on a wiki or bother to read blogs.

Darrett said...

lol. Gotta love laziness. Although I will say, I've bought that overpriced pamama stack when I needed it for my opo-crown and no city had control of the region. I wasn't about to ride the airship to kazham to get them cheap when I had people waiting on me to party.