Tuesday, February 20, 2007


During the crazy merit session on the last post, Feon "gently" reminded me that I needed to get moving on the Zilart Missions ^_^; I've been on ZM5 for awhile now, and it is indeed time that I progress a bit further. He offered to get me through the NM headstones if hit the solo ones first, so I finished up my Water and Earth fragments (I'd done the Ice fragment out of boredom a long time ago).


Last night, we (Feon, Cozmos, Ishmael [2-boxed], and I) got through the Cape Terrigan, Zitah, and Behemoth's Dominion headstones mostly without incident although I lost my sneak/invis in Terrigan at one point and managed to agro a goblin (/blush). I also 2-houred on the shadow in Terrigan, without warning Feon, but the mob was swinging an extremely slow Great Sword, so keeping shadows up wasn't too much trouble.

A big {Thank you} to Feon and Cozmos for donating their time in helping me with this mission. Hope to do the final Ifrit's Cauldron run soon.


We rushed back to Al Zahbi in time to get into the undead Besieged and I acquired .5 more skillups on my Great Axe.

But Frohike, I thought you hated Besieged!

Again, it's an OK event if I've already accomplished other stuff for the evening. It's when the event interferes with my EXP that I get annoyed. Can't have my cake & eat it too, I suppose.

P.S. Yes, my screenshots suck. I'll be playing the PC version soon, so hopefully I'll be able to use a better screen capture tool, and spruce up a few things (*cough*windower*cough*).


Darrett said...

ZM up to sky isn't too bad. Especially since there are no level caps and you have merits now. DM tends to be the real stickler (although you can probably do the Ark Angel battles without too much of a problem). Good luck on ZM, I want to finish that damn thing, but after sky and DM there is not much motivation.

JOWAH said...

"I want to finish that damn thing, but after sky and DM there is not much motivation."
Especially when a little guy can *bam bam* *slash slash* you and hurt so much in a very short time :x

I agree, ZM is a piece of cake and you will easily get sky soon XD
Sometimes I wish seas was easier like this also :XXX
Yay for uncapped things

raidenn said...

Besiege is not bad, i actually got 2 of my merits from it. For screenshots, you might want to get Screencap , its free and easy to use. Doesnt use much resources too.


Paul said...

Just when I think I've explored every nook & cranny of the FFXI Blogosphere, I get another comment from someone who'se blog I totally missed.

And linked to that blog is another set of bloggers I've never checked out.

For now, I'm adding http://raidenn.wordpress.com/
to my blogroll


I'll need to do some more lurking in the other blogs soon.