Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Next time, Guivre... Next time

I started out the evening by fishing for more Ogre Eels while waiting for the potential Temple of Uggly coffer run until it became obvious that the event wasn't going to happen (a few key members were absent due to temporary work schedule changes). I got a couple more skillups and could feel the next one coming to give me level 30, but I snapped the line a couple of times on bad bite judgement (one was a rusty bucket, the other was most definitely a Bastore Breamm).

I was getting ready to dejectedly log out when Feon proposed another adventure for the evening. "Want to kill Guivre?"

Hmm, among the other things I would like to do to Guivre, killing is definitely at the top of the list, so I packed up my fishing gear and made my way to Kuftal. I met Ishmael (the currently 2-boxed manifestation of Feon) and waited for others to arrive. We had 7 members total, NIN NIN SAM WAR WHM BRD BRD... at least that's what I think the lineup was.

The initial coordination phase kinda went FUBAR when one of the NIN was screwing around with crabs and got killed by the NM. Another member who joined the group was on his way to the deceased and also caught agro, dying on the spot. Attempts to raise were very tricky, since they had died in Guivre's strolling path.

So for awhile there was lots of dying, herding cats, and curt orders.

But we eventually got it together and planned on pulling the dragon close to the zone and dealing with him there. The pull didn't work due to the Guivre's speed, so we decided to meet the dragon in the main room.

As we were finally grouping and waiting for Guivre to pass by, the NIN who had died earlier began to DC and had to reboot. So it was up to me, Feon, and the SAM to melee this thing and try to stay alive. I failed at that, and managed to miss the skillchain right before doing so (we had planned on Blade:Ten + Steel Cyclone for Darkness). I over-ambitiously pulled hate off of Feon (Voke + Warcry) when his shadows died and I could not shed it. At 300 per hit, I barely had time to take off Berserk and frantically try to get Ni to fire before I dropped dead.

The missing NIN reconnected as the shit was really hitting the fan, and the leader of the other party in the alliance was too busy keeping us alive to get him back on in time.

Yeah, we died.

Cozmos reraised and gave a round of R3's.

I wanted to kill Guivre more than ever, and some of the group wanted to stick around for another attempt... until we noticed the time. 12AM PST. Most of us had stuff to do in the morning, so we decided to call it a night.

But it felt damned good to slice into Guivre with a great axe. I do look forward to trying this again.


Darrett said...

Sounds like fun times. I've always wanted to stick it to that dragon!

Stealth said...

Sounds like fun even though you died ^^

Hehe. I read your blog and I just thought i'd tell you I like it ^^

Paul said...

Thanks, Stealth!